The Stories We Tell

“Thank you so very much for one of the most insightful weekends I have ever had.”

Miranda McHardy, Counsellor

"We are all storytellers — we make stories to make sense of our lives. But there

must be someone to listen. If you can't tell your story you go mad."  

Steven Grosz, The Examined Life

    personal insight workshops with                 

  JAMIE & SARAH JAUNCEY           

The Stories We Tell workshops are neither creative writing workshops, nor therapy groups, but something unique and (people say) magical in between!

They're about how telling, or re-telling, your life's stories can offer insights that allow you to make the most of yourself and your life. They're about finding the connection, direction, creativity and purpose that lead to greater wellbeing. And they're about moving forward more easily and living your life more fully.


We're very excited to be running two face-to-face weekends here in Birnam again – at long last!

If Not Now When?

23 - 25 February 2024

Are you facing changes in your life – for example, a different career, children leaving home, the end of a relationship, retirement or anything else that feels major? This weekend is all about life's transitions, big or small. We'll help you find the inner resources you need to make the most of your current situation – gaining insight into your thoughts and feelings, and exploring questions like

What will help me move forward? and What may be holding me back?

Writing From The Heart

15 - 17 March 2024

Writing can be a wonderful way to explore the inner and outer connections that help you find real meaning and speak your personal truths. On this week we invite you to write about what matters most to you—the people, places and events, the thoughts, ideas and feelings that make you who you really are. You don't need to think of yourself as a writer to take part in this weekend and find your authentic writing voice!

On  both weekends we'll use a variety of creative exercises, along with some therapeutic tools, to help you reach a clearer vision of the things that really matter to you, and a deeper sense of connection with yourself, your purpose and natural creativity.

Who We Are

Sarah was born and brought up in the French Alps. She spent 25 years running a successful textile design business before re-training as a counsellor. Today she works with individuals and couples in private practice. She has previously worked in the NHS. Sarah is an integrative counsellor, using a number of different approaches in her work. A COSCA accredited trainer in counselling skills, and an accredited member of  BACP, she is also a qualified yoga teacher. The artwork on this website is by Sarah.

Jamie is an author, writer and facilitator. He has worked with individuals and organisations in many countries, helping people and businesses to find their voices and tell their stories. He is one of the founders of the Dark Angels programme of Creative Writing in Business courses. He has published several novels and a biography, and for many years sat on the board of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the world’s largest celebration of the written word. He  is also a musician.

What People Say

“Transformative, healing, nurturing, mind- expanding, heart-expanding ...” Jennie, Director and Producer

“I am truly grateful to have participated in something extraordinary.” Michelle, Marketing & Communications

"A feast for the senses, the soul and the psyche. Jamie and Sarah offer such thought, quality, humour and safety.  And all of that achieved online.  Genius!" Sally, Counsellor

"If you are at all curious about life and your part in it ... then sign up. Awaken your mind, heart and soul."  Steve, Business Coach

"You two are life-changers." Charonne, Artist

"I hadn't gone looking for anything, I didn't need a fix or a cure or a path to be cleared and yet I found one, hidden in the undergrowth of my thoughts that I hadn't even realised was there ..." Nicola, Journalist

“Thank you so very much for one of the most insightful weekends I have ever had.” Miranda, Counsellor


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Both weekends run:

Friday 2.00 - 5.00

Saturday 10.00 - 5.00

Sunday 10.00 - 4.00

Price: £350

Venue: Birnam Arts, Birnam, Perthshire, PH8 0DS

Refreshments are provided and Birnam Arts has an excellent cafe for lunch. Birnam & Dunkeld is a major visitor centre and there's a wide range of accommodation available, from 4-star hotels to AirBnBs.

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We'll be returning to Cortijo Romero: dates tbc