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Here are some magazine reviews of our workshops, some longer quotes from people who have been on them, and a short film of one participant telling her story.

"The Stories We Tell workshops with Sarah and Jamie have been fundamental, indeed critical, to my discovering my true purpose in life and to truly getting a sense of self. I have enjoyed and been stretched through the different levels of their workshops as well as literally basking in the sunshine of their teaching and facilitation in Sardinia. Since then I haven't looked back, discovering and committing to my true spiritual path as well as discovering a creative side I had only dreamt of (OK, I have vivid dreams!). I believe a Jauncey workshop should be part of everyone's journey of self discovery. If you are at all curious about life and your part in it, past, present or future then sign up - awaken your mind, heart and soul."

Steve Coulson, Business Coach

"These courses, these facilitators have taken me to new places - physical places and places in my mind. Beautiful, inspiring , colourful places. They have freed my mind, body and soul. Shown me there is another way to live. Opened up my horizons in all sorts of ways. They have led me on a voyage of discovery - in the world and in myself, where I have rediscovered some glittering, precious things that I love and enjoy right here and now. Things like writing, exploring new places, talking with different people, opening my mind and my eyes. Enabled me to breath fresh air, to become more alive. Through them I have made many new friends and connections. Like minded people who are creative and imaginative."

Margaret Wright, Consultant

"We are all storytellers—we make stories to make sense of our lives. But there must be someone to listen. If you can't tell your story you go mad."  

Steven Grosz, The Examined Life

"Those of us staying overnight in Birnam continued to swap tales over dinner in nearby Dunkeld before slip-sliding back over the icy bridge to the homely warmth of our B&B ..."

Read more from Kindred Spirit, Mar/Apr 2018

"I hadn't gone looking for anything, I didn't need a fix or a cure or a path to be cleared and yet I found one, hidden in the undergrowth of my thoughts that I hadn't even realised was there ..."

Read more from Small City, Big Personality, Apr 2016

Jamie's fortnightly blog is called A Few Kind Words because the word kindness originally meant being kin, or kindred, or of the same kind. And since we are all humankind, we should remember to be kinder to one another when we communicate ...

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